Language-Specific Properties

Discover and update the PL/SQL-specific properties in the project Administration > General Settings > Languages > PL/SQL

Advanced parameters

Default Schema

sonar.plsql.defaultSchemaWhen a schema object (table, view, index, synonym) is referenced in SQL code without a schema prefix, the analyzer will assume that it belongs to this schema.

Data Dictionary

Some rules raise issues only when a data dictionary is provided during analysis. To provide a data dictionary, you must define the following properties in the file or on the scanner command line using the -D prefix:

sonar.plsql.jdbc.urlURL of the JDBC connection. Required for data dictionary lookup. For example: jdbc:oracle:thin:@my-oracle-server:1521/my-db
sonar.plsql.jdbc.userJDBC user to authenticate the connection.
sonar.plsql.jdbc.passwordJDBC password provided to authenticate the connection.
sonar.plsql.jdbc.driver.pathPath or URL of the Oracle jdbc driver jar.
sonar.plsql.jdbc.driver.classJava class name of the Oracle Driver. For example: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver

Providing this configuration allows SonarPLSQL to query data dictionary views such as SYS.ALL_TAB_COLUMNS in order to better analyze your SQL.

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