User Accounts

As a SonarCloud user you have your own space where you can see the things that are relevant to you:


It gives you a summary of your SCM accounts and allows you to delete your account.


You can create as many tokens as you want. Once a token is created, you can use it to perform an analysis on any project where you have execute analysis permission.


This is an overview of all the organizations of which you are a member.

From there, you can also leave organizations you are not interested in anymore. You should know that there are a few cases where you won't be able to leave an organization:

  • If you are the most recent administrator of it (you will need to transfer administrator rights before, or delete the organization)
  • If you are using members synchronization with Github (you will need to manage membership from the Github organization)

Delete your user account

Go to User > My Account > Profile and click on Delete. Once your account is deleted, all of your data will be removed, except your login which will still be displayed in different places:

  • issues assignee
  • issues comments
  • issues changelog

Note that you can manually unassign yourself from all your issues and/or remove your comments before deleting your account.

The information used to identify yourself in SCM (name, email) is part of the SCM data and cannot be removed.

User tokens

Each user has the ability to generate tokens that can be used to run analyses or invoke web services without access to the user's actual credentials. When a user is deleted, their user access tokens are also deleted.

To generate a token, to go User > My Account > Security. Your existing tokens are listed here, each with a Revoke button.

The form at the top of the page allows you to generate new tokens. Once you click the Generate button, you will see the token value. Copy it immediately; if dismiss the notification or leave the page, you will not be able to retrieve it.

User tokens are used as a replacement for your usual login:

  • When running analyses on your code. Replace your login with the token in the sonar.login property.
  • When invoking web services. Use the token for HTTP bearer authentication by sending the token in the HTTP Authorization header using the Bearer scheme. 
Authorization: Bearer <token>

See Bearer Authentication for details.

In either case, no password is needed. So, when running analyses on your code, the property sonar.password is optional.

For more information on using tokens with web services, see Web API

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