Generic Issue Data

SonarCloud supports a generic format for importing issues generated by external analysis tools, like linters. This feature can help you integrate a tool that is not directly supported by SonarCloud by having your custom CI task convert the output of the unsupported tool to this generic format, which can then be imported into SonarCloud.

External issues have two important limitations:

  • They cannot be managed within SonarCloud; for instance, there is no ability to mark them as False Positive.
  • The activation of the rules that raise these issues cannot be managed within SonarCloud. External rules are not visible on the Rules page or reflected in any Quality Profile.

External issues and the rules that raise them must be managed in the configuration of your external tool.


The analysis parameter sonar.externalIssuesReportPaths accepts a comma-delimited list of paths to reports.

Each report must contain, at top-level, an array of Issue objects named issues.

Issue fields:

  • engineId - string
  • ruleId - string
  • primaryLocation - Location object
  • type - string. One of BUG, VULNERABILITY, CODE_SMELL
  • severity - string. One of BLOCKER, CRITICAL, MAJOR, MINOR, INFO
  • effortMinutes - integer, optional. Defaults to 0
  • secondaryLocations - array of Location objects, optional

Location fields:

  • message - string
  • filePath - string
  • textRange - TextRange object, optional for secondary locations only

TextRange fields:

  • startLine - integer. 1-indexed
  • endLine - integer, optional. 1-indexed
  • startColumn - integer, optional. 0-indexed
  • endColumn - integer, optional. 0-indexed


Here is an example of the expected format:

{ "issues": [
      "engineId": "test",
      "ruleId": "rule1",
      "primaryLocation": {
        "message": "fully-fleshed issue",
        "filePath": "sources/",
        "textRange": {
          "startLine": 30,
          "endLine": 30,
          "startColumn": 9,
          "endColumn": 14
      "effortMinutes": 90,
      "secondaryLocations": [
          "message": "cross-file 2ndary location",
          "filePath": "sources/",
          "textRange": {
            "startLine": 10,
            "endLine": 10,
            "startColumn": 6,
            "endColumn": 38
      "engineId": "test",
      "ruleId": "rule2",
      "severity": "INFO",
      "type": "BUG",
      "primaryLocation": {
        "message": "minimal issue raised at file level",
        "filePath": "sources/"

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