First Analysis

If you have successfully followed the in-product tutorial, SonarCloud will run its first analysis on your project.

The first analysis is always a main branch analysis (an analysis of the default branch of your repository, usually called main or master).

From now on, a new analysis will be triggered every time you make a change to the main branch by direct push, pull request merge, or branch merge.


The first thing that appears is the Overview of the main branch your project:

The Overview of your project.

Main branch status

The Main Branch Status is the quality gate of your main branch, indicating whether it meets your quality requirements and is ready to be released.

Main branch evolution

The Main Branch Evolution displays a summary of the code quality results from the main branch analysis.

Findings display the number of issues found in the main branch.

Duplications display the percentage of main branch code that is duplicated.

Coverage displays the percentage of testable code in the main branch that is covered by your test cases.

The historical data chart shows the progress of your code quality.

Latest activity

The Latest Activity section displays a feed of all analyses that have been run, including main branch analyses, pull request analyses, and branch analyses.

Project navigation

The project navigation on the left lets you move between the four views: OverviewMain BranchPull Requests, and Branches.

Project navigation is located in the left sidebar.

Main branch

Select Main Branch to see a more fine-grained view of your most recent main branch analysis.

Pull requests

In addition to analyzing your main branch every time it changes, SonarCloud also analyzes individual pull requests. These analyses run when a pull request is opened and on each change to the pull request branch. This all happens before you merge, letting you catch problems before they even get to the main branch. The results of pull request analysis are displayed in the Pull Requests view of your SonarCloud project and the pull request view of your DevOps Platform (GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps, or GitLab).

See Pull Request Analysis.


The Branches view displays all the non-pull request branches for which you have set up analysis. Initially, only the main branch is listed here. But, you can configure other branches to be analyzed. Once a branch is configured, an analysis is run on every change to that branch.

See Branch Analysis and Branch Analysis Setup.

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